[Cosplay]Thố Nhi Thần

Thố Nhi Thần
Mới đầu năm đã toàn chuyện xúi quẩy!

Photo, make up, costume and retouch by Bạch Phụng


[Cosplay Project]Ja-dou



Tenmou Yatan




K as Keika

Kira as Teiou

Photo by Bach Phung

Retouch by Kororo Lucifer

Costume by Kororo Lucifer

Make up by Back Phung





[Cosplay Project] Nana – Side Story (Takumi solo)


(This is a different version of “side story”. Only Takumi and just 3 pictures.) 


Kira as Takumi Ichinose

Photo and Retouch by Kororo Lucifer

Many thanks to Sou Hoàng and Bạch Phụng for helping.




“Side Story”


“Chuyện bên lề”




1. “I always thought that life was about standing your ground, no matter how strong the current was. But going with the flow isn’t so bad after all. As long as it takes you forward.”




2. “I have the right to be hated.”




3. “People’s feelings are easily swayed. The things reflected in people’s eyes are full of deception. Nothing is as it appears.”


ps1/: I know the guitar wasn’t plugged in but let’s pretend he is testing something = =”

ps2/: please give me some comment about these picture, it’ll be helpful and the best motivation for me to do better 😀

ps3/: Thanks for your considerations.

[Cosplay Project] Nana – Side Story

Nana  Character:  Kira as Takumi Ichinose Bạch Phụng as Nana Osaki Chơn as Nana Komatsu Photo by Kororo Lucifer Make up and Retouch by Bạch Phụng Many thanks to Sou Hoàng for helping. . . . “Side Story” aka “Chuyện bên lề” . . . 1. “The flow of time cleanses the past and heals […]

[Travel] Đà Nẵng 304-015 Relax and Firework

Danang isn’t a new place to travel with me and my family.

The trip was relax and just relax. I’ve never lived in Vinpearl Luxury Danang Resort before, but it was an ideal place for people who want to be away from the town.

I spent whole day in the resort: eating, walking, sleeping and all. During these time, the city would be full of people from not only other city of Vietnam but also a lots from other countries. Uhm ………… why?


 – –

Urh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why can’t i connect the card and laptop??????????????????????????????? Image

My little ugly stupid smelly brother ><“

[Daily Life] Sky.Flight.Sea.Friends & me

Today, with 3 others and bicycles, We had a 10km trip around East Coast park.

(10km from the park to the beach behind Changi airport :D)

Photo: Kira & Friends

Place: East Coast – Singapore

*All picture taken using Iphone*

[Cosplay Project] Perfect Girl Evolution

Perfect Girl Evolution (Single)

Character: Sunako Nakahara

Costume: Mixed between casual clothes :))
Photo & Retouch: Elf-Chan
Model: KIRA (me)

This is the first version which was retouched by Elf-Chan

Many thanks for my special staff – Ms.Otopus ^^”